Metal Body Art

Master jewelers Chris and Shani Christenson present their vision of the "armored goddess" in their new line of fine art fashions, Metal Body Art. These provocative metal outfits are hand-wrought from raw earth with fire and hammer, and each unique ensemble represents an artistic vision brought to life through precious metal and gemstones. Sculpted from sterling and fine silver, these original works of art embrace the ideals of strength and beauty represented in mythology by the legends of great female warriors, and each piece is sure to weave tales of enchantment for those who are bold enough to wear them.

Welcome to Metal Body Art.

We handcraft jeweled sterling and fine silver bra tops, bustiers, corsets, metal bikinis, and jewelry armor, with matching necklaces, collars. earrings, crowns, chainmail, armbands, thighbands bracelets, rings, shoe embellishments and boot cuffs.

The outfits are available as a complete ensamble. Custom designs and individual
components can also be special ordered.

We pour our passion into these wearable works of art, we hope you enjoy it.
Sincerely, Chris & Shani.

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