Metal Body Art
Brigit's Armor

Brigid is a well known Celtic Goddess. She is the Goddess of fire, poetry, healing, childbirth and metal smithing. Brigid is worshiped as a Triple Goddess representing the Goddess in the three phases of life, maiden, mother & crone. As a maiden she inspires poets, musicians and metal smiths when they begin their work. In her mother aspect she is the Goddess of healing, childbirth and midwifery and a protector of children. As the crone Brigit is a warrior Goddess and protector of women. She established the laws of battle and fights for balance and equality.

Brigid's festival is celebrated on February 2nd and is known as Imbolic or The Feast Day of Brigid. We actually finished the Armor the first week of February and Amethyst is the birth stone!The Celtic goddess Brigid lends us her creativity and inspiration, but also reminds us to keep our traditions alive and whole. These are gifts that can sustain us through any circumstances. She was born at dawn and her fire is the spark of life. She shines to protect us all!

Fine & sterling silver, amethyst, fired glass enamel and amethyst cocoxinite on the collar

Bridit's Armor is available by custom order as a complete ensemble or as individual components

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