Metal Body Art
Amaterasu Omikami

Amaterasu Ō-mikami is the Japanese Sun Goddess who's name means "Shinning Heaven". She was so bright and radiant that her parents sent her up the Celestial Ladder to heaven, where she has ruled ever since. For hundreds of years, the Japanese royal family traced their beginnings to Amaterasu. She taught the Japanese people to grow rice and wheat. She also taught them to cultivate silk worms and how to weave. According to legend, Amaterasu was so upset by her younger brother that she hid herself away in a cave and refused to come out.

Without the Sun Goddess, the universe fell under a spell of darkness and the crops began to die. Her sister Amanouzume tricked her to peek out of the cave and gaze into a mirror draped in jewels. Amaterasu had never seen her own reflection and was dazzled by her own beauty, and by the light that shined and glittered from the mirror and from the jewels. As the beautiful goddess came out of the cave the sun returned to the earth and the people rejoiced in her radiant light shinning on them, bringing hope and joy to all who saw it.

Sterling and fine silver, citrine, ametrine & black suede

Amaterasu Jewelry Armor ensemble includes:

Designed and handcrafted by Chris Christenson with the help of Shani Christenson & Kelsie Hubik


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